Lauantai 17.11.2018

40min 40s on 20s off
a. db snatch 35/25
b. kb oh/front rack carry 16/12kg
c. burpee to target
d. hs hold / 20/15kg plate oh hold

Perjantai 16.11.2018

With partner YGIG
8 burpee
12 jumping lunge
16 deadlift 60/40kg

Keskustelua treenaamisesta.

Tiistai 13.11.2018

Lower body mobility.
for quality
3-4 rounds
10 strict t2b
10+10 seated single arm db press
10+10 db bicep curl
10 db tricep press

Maanantai 12.11.2018

Upper body mobility

Tabata pull up
tabata box jump
tabata burpee
tabata sit up

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